Ways to support Eyc

Thank you so much for your keen interest in our work at Esports Youth Club!

If you want to see us expand and bring gaming and esports events to more local communities, then you can help! 

Currently, there are two options you can choose to support us: 

You can donate your chosen amount of money in a one-off payment – however much you would like to, it all helps our cause as we are not-for-profit – via our linked PayPal account.

Just hit the button below and donate what you’d like! 


become an official supporter

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silver tier

>> Give £5/month

>> Exclusive access to our email newsletter  
>> One entry into our prize draw every quarter 
>> Priority access to our events

Gold tier

>> Give £15/month 

>> Exclusive access to our email newsletter 
>> Three entries into our quarterly prize draw
>> Priority access to our events
>> Exclusive pre-sale access to our merchandise and 20% off


how will your funding help us?

We are a team of volunteers with a core mission of making gaming accessible for all and are 100% committed to running EYC as a not-for-profit. As such, we have relied on self-funding and donations to run our free sessions for the 100s of young people we have seen so far, from refugee groups to a local girls’ basketball team – you can click here to read more on our previous sessions.


Membership funding represents a more sustainable funding stream that will allow us to continue to put on our hugely popular sessions and fulfil our growth ambitions.


We plan to continue to rely on our industry partnerships to provide us with the latest equipment and games so that EYC Member funding can be used to directly deliver our sessions.


We’re committed to being transparent with our spending so have listed below a few of our core monthly costs, that your vital funding will contribute to:


£36 – our monthly subscription to “Coacha” software. This helps us reach out to local kids and their parents with session info and also helps with essential safeguarding practices


It costs us on average £30 a session for secure transport to/from local community spaces to move our gaming equipment between locations in Lambeth, South London

hot meals

We always ensure that young people who attend our events are not left hungry. We spend around £25 per session providing hot meals for the hungry gamers