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EYC is a space where young people in the local area can come through, relax and play some of their favourite video games alongside like-minded people.

We have 8 PlayStation 4s, 2 PS5s, 8 high-spec gaming monitors, a gaming PC and a large projector screen all set up and ready to use. Each one will have a Fnatic gaming headset attached to it so you can communicate with your team-mates and foes alike, simulating what a real esports environment could be like. 

On our PS4s, we will have a range of video games available and we hope to secure a lot more in the future.  

You could discover a new passion or enhance your skills with other players and form new teams. You can log in to your own PSN profile or use one of our pre-set-up profiles.



New venue to be confirmed.
Know of a venue that could host EYC? Let us know!


Our weekly sessions are currently paused, but check out our Instagram to see when our next event will be.

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EYC is recruiting new members! Whether you’re a new gamer or an experienced player looking to level up, we’re here to cater for your needs. 

You can come along to a session, play some games with like-minded gamers and make new team mates along the way. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of playing alongside your squad.  

We hope to see you soon at one of our events.
Whatever your choice of game, your battlefield awaits you!

A Youth Club, Re-Imagined for a New Era

This space is for you to use, a place to escape reality for a little while, plug-in, and play.  

Esports Youth Club makes esports accessible for all. We provide the facilities, structure and equipment so everyone in the community can explore their passion for gaming.

According to a 2020 Barclays Survey, 62% of young people between 8 and 18 say that gaming is their favourite hobby.

However, gaming and esports have significant entry costs. With the price of consoles, WiFi and games running into the hundreds.

This means that disadvantaged young people can be excluded from esports, putting a cap on the future growth and diversity of the gaming sector.

This gives young people a fresh new option, engaging those not catered for by the current range of youth activities on offer.

Meet the squad

Esports Youth Club started out as an idea over lockdown between three friends who wanted to turn our passion for gaming into something positive for the community.

We are all based around the Lambeth area and are keen to utilise the burgeoning esports industry as a means of supporting local residents. For this reason EYC is a registered social enterprise and not for profit (reg no. 13485312).

Lewis Kay
Co-founder & Director

Finan Trethewey
Co-founder & Director

Mark Bird
Co-founder & Director

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